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Flemish Beer Stew

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The dictionary defines gastropub as a pub that offers meals of high quality. We define it as a chance to use the best beers to brew up something truly delicious.

Flemish Beer Stew

Best Paired With Belgian Ale
Many of the most popular Belgians are brewed by Trappist monks, often from “wild yeast” floating in the air. It can range from golden to dark.

Egg Sandwiches with Bacon Jam

Best Paired With Black IPA
IPAs have more hops. Porters and stouts have more malt. So what happens if you combine the best of both worlds? You get a slightly sweet beer with bite – or a Black IPA – perfect with this sweetly smoky taste combo.

Sweet and Smoky Beer Nuts

Best Paired With Bock
The brisk bubble of a lager is the classic pairing for nuts. But since this recipe has more oomph, we chose a bock, which is stronger than a typical lager, with more malty flavor.

Endive Au Gratin

Best Paired With Belgian Golden Ale
You don’t have to go to Belgium to get a Belgian-style ale. They’re popular stateside too, including ones made locally. Golden ones are slightly lighter in flavor and body.

Golden Chickpea Fries with Curried Mango Ketchup

Best Paired With IPA
Think of IPAs as the Riesling or Gewürztraminer of beer pairings. Just like those two wine varietals balance sweet and spicy dishes, the bright bite of an IPA works the same way. Serve it cold.

Beer Battered Tilapia

Best Paired With Lager
The light, flaky flavor of battered fish calls for the brisk bubbles of lager. The carbonation and acidity help cut through that coating, which coats your taste buds. Make sure to serve cold to capture the bubbly awesomeness.

Carrot Soup with Sage Browned Butter

Best Paired With Wheat Ale or Hefeweizen
You want a less bitter option to balance this soup, so the citrus-kissed flavors of a wheat ale make the perfect choice.

Apple Cheese Toasties

Best Paired With Smoked Porter
Porters and stouts have more malt than hops, giving them a sweeter flavor. To showcase the smokiness of the maple syrup, choose a sweet and smoky porter.

Caramel Stout Sauce

Best Paired With Imperial or Chocolate Stout
Both of these types of stout have a roasted chocolatey deliciousness that pairs perfectly with our luscious dessert sauce. To serve properly, pour about half a glass, let it settle, then pour slowly. It may take three pours to fill your glass – but you can’t rush perfection, right?



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Caramel Stout Sauce
Caramel Stout Sauce

Apple Cheese Toasties
Apple Cheese Toasties

Carrot Soup Wth Sage Browned Butter
Carrot Soup Wth Sage Browned Butter